One of "those" days...

Have you ever had one of those days??  I mean one of those where you get up and it goes absolutely nothing like you planned?  Well...  today was one of "those" days.  My plan was to get up this morning, have a cup of coffee, read the Word, take a shower, and then go get flowers and take them to my mom at her work for her birthday.  Well, NONE of that happened!  No coffee, no reading, no SHOWER! And, no... I didn't get to take flowers to my sweet mom for her birthday.  (Sorry, Mom!)  No... today was not even a day that I could have dreamed into existence.  Today was a day that only WILL could have made a reality.

This morning, Will woke up with a stuffy nose.  This may be too much information, but as smart as Will is, he has only recently learned how to blow his nose and not suck it all back in.  You will see the relevance of that in a minute.  Well...  we're trying to blow his nose (apparently he forgot how to because he has slept since the last time he blew) and after a couple of sucks instead of blows and a 2 year old growing frustrated because he forgot how to blow his nose, we stopped.  He then begins crying and saying "my nose hurts right here" and he points to the left side of his nose below his eye where I imagine his sinus cavity is.  I'm thinking that it is probably because of all the snot he just sucked up, so we started trying to blow again, this time successfully!  He blew a couple of times and then he said 

"Maybe it's hurting because there's a rock in it."  
I said "A WHAT?!?"
He said "Oh, nevermind.  There's not a rock in it."
I said "Will, tell me what you're talking about."
He said "I put a rock in there on Sundays." (everything either happened last night or on Sunday in Will's world.)
I said "Where did you get the rock?"
He told me that he got it from the "park" where the cars go at church.  (Parking lot)
He also told me that it was a tiny brown rock and he picked it up, then put it in his nose, then he pushed it all the way in with his finger and that this happened when Jay and I were in the youth building and Keith and Chloe were playing basketball.  So putting all the clues together, I realized that it had to have happened on Saturday when we had a work day at the youth building at church.  

At this point, I'm in shock that my 2 year old has told me a story in so much detail and that the story he is telling is about a rock and a nose!  His nose!  I felt sick.  So, I called Jay, then the pediatrician's office.  The pediatrician's office decided to send me directly to an ENT doctor.  We get dressed, brush our teeth, and head to Southaven for his appointment.  We filled out paperwork, waited about 10 minutes or so, and then went back to tell the doctor what brought us to him.  The doctor (who did not seem shocked at all by his story) then looks up his left nostril.  You could have heard a pin drop while we were waiting on the doctor to tell us what he saw.  He leans back a little -- then looks up the other side.  

That's when it hit me.  There's no rock.  It was all a hoax.  Not true.  My son is a very detailed story teller.  He had me hook, line, and sinker!!!  The doctor leans back again and looks one more time in the left nostril.  He looked VERY thoroughly I might add.  As he leaned back a third time,  he carefully said "Well... I do not see a rock in there."  We leave the office - $30 later with 2 stickers for our little fibber and nothing but an unbelievable story to tell.  :)

In my son's defense, I don't think he is really a liar.  I think it is very likely that he could have stuffed a rock up his nose on Saturday at the youth building.  I think it probably fell out immediately though and when he woke up with his sinuses hurting this morning, all he could think of was that he put a rock in his nose on "Sundays".  


  1. Oh my that story had me laughing at the end. Never a dull moment as a momma!

  2. im sorry mr.jennifer but this story is hilarious..i love will he is soo funny and a great story teller..haha