Sorry it's been so long

I'm sorry its been so long since I've last blogged.  I've been a little busy.  We now have one more child we're fostering for a grand total of 4!  The newest is a 1 year old little girl.  She has been with us for a month now and has adapted pretty well here and everyone loves her.  :)  Our little 6 year old boy is still with us also and seems to be doing quite well in spite of his sad and very unfair circumstances.  

What I really want to share today though is about my Chloe.  She has to do journal entries every day (M-F) and turn them in to her teacher.  They must be 60 words and the teacher comes up with the topic.  Today's topic was "I like who I am because..."  Her answer has really blessed my heart and I want to share it with you.  

I like who I am because God knows everything about me.  He knows when I am going to win my soccer game in the spring.  God loves me so much that He told His son Jesus to take my place on the cross, that is how I know that He loves me so much.  He even knows how many pieces of hair are on my head.  That is why I like who I am.
I have to add that she wrote this tonight after coming home from her last soccer game which they lost, and they haven't won a game all year.  In spite of being so discouraged about that, she still knows that her identity lies in Christ and not in her soccer record or anything else.  I can only pray that that peace will reside in her through everything she encounters.  I have been learning from my sweet Chloe for 8 1/2 years now and I pray that the LORD will continue to teach me many more valuable truths from her precious innocence for many years to come.


  1. I was so proud of Chloe tonight at the game....she did such a great job playing and did not seem to get upset even tho they lost. But I am most proud of what I read in your blog tonight. It made my heart very happy and made me cry. I am so proud of the Godly influence you and Jay have had on her and will continue to have on her. She is a beautiful little girl on the inside and outside and I am so happy that I am her Nana. I love you all very much.

  2. Not only did your blog make me cry, but so did your mom's comment! You have the sweetest children and that is a huge testament to your parental influence. You should be very proud.

  3. What a great thing for her to write! That really shows what kind of parents you guys are to her. I know that makes you proud of her.