This has been a pretty stressful week...  I won't really share many of the details, but I will say that there have been events with almost all of the children.  One has the worst diaper rash ever, one has apparently developed some food allergies which has caused us to have to go get some different items from the grocery store (which reminds me of our Friday evening...  I'll get to that in a minute), one child is just wild all the time -- yes, Will, and the other two have had an emotional week.  WHEW!!  Anyway, all is well today though.  We have grown to love the chaos -- somewhat anyway.  So, our Friday evening -- it was family night at the grocery store for us.  And let me just tell you, there should be a reality show about our life!  :)  It was pretty humorous to say the least, especially if you were a spectator.  From now on, I think I'll carry the video camera with me EVERWHERE we go.  Until I have video for your entertainment, I'll leave you with a few recent pictures.  

Chloe and Will riding a horse.

Will "working" at church.

Me and Xander

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