Racism is learned..

Tonight, Jay and I were Christmas shopping and naturally we were on a toy aisle.  TOTAL CHAOS fills the stores one week before Christmas and we were amidst it all.  This particular night, the chaos didn't bother me though.  I guess I've been conditioned by my children with all of the grocery shopping trips I've made with all three kids; or maybe the fact that I homeschool a 6th grader, a kindergarten boy, and preschool princess diva has been a key factor in viewing Christmas shopping on December the 18th a piece of cake.  I bet you're wondering by now why the title of this post is what it is..  :)  Well, here goes..  On one of those toy aisles was a group of three women walking aimlessly without a shopping cart and no merchandise in their hands.  One of the women said to the other two "My daughter is always asking for a black baby doll when we come to the store and I'm always like 'Really?  No, you're not playing with a black baby.'".   As the mom of one super adorable and precious brown diva, I was hurt.  Why would someone tell their child in the most formative years of their life that they can't play with a baby doll because it has different color skin than they do?  What is the harm in having baby dolls that don't look like your family??  Why can't white children have brown baby dolls?  Why can't brown children have white baby dolls?  My little diva has broadened my viewpoint of things.  She has taught me so many things that I never would have been able to learn otherwise.  I'm so thankful to have her, not only because of what she has taught me, but because she is such a joy!!  I'm praying tonight for that lady's little girl.  I'm praying that one day she will get to have a brown baby...  One just like mine!!! ;)


..::Powerful words from Ezekiel::..

Ezekiel 33--
  "his blood will be on his own head"(v. 5)   vs.   "I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood"(v. 6)

I am so challenged and convicted by today's reading from Ezekiel.  All 20 verses of it!  The chapter starts out with a charge from the Lord to Ezekiel to tell his countrymen "when I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people, then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning and the sword comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head."(vs. 2-5)
First of all it says when I bring the sword...  The LORD doesn't say that we will have smooth sailing, and abundance of peace and prosperity here on earth.  He says that we will encounter blessings, like "the sword" and persecution for the sake of the gospel.  That's right, I called those things blessings.  How else would we learn to be made more like Christ without experiencing even a fraction of the things that Christ endured??
Verses 7-11...  "Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me.  When I say to the wicked, 'O wicked man, you will surely die,' and you do not speak out to dissuade him from his ways, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood.  But if you do warn the wicked man to turn from his ways and he does not do so, he will die for his sin, but you will have saved yourself.  

Oh my...  so if a watchman is one who announces what he sees, as believers, we are all watchmen.  We are to watch over our community and give warning..  Act on what we see..
I see a community of lostness.  I see families that are hurting, people that are dying apart from Christ.  I see souls that are trying to fulfill their deepest longings and desires with EVERYTHING except Jesus!  As I see these things, I notice that God's word says that if I do not speak out to dissuade the wicked from his ways, the wicked man will die for his own sins and I will be held accountable for his blood...  I hold the answers of the free gift of salvation, peace, joy and eternal security.  How much must I hate someone to not share these things with the destitute, deprived, defeated members of my community.  I will be held without excuse...

Colossians 1:9-14 says, "and so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.  May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.  He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Lord, because of the deliverance of my soul, because of the transfer of my eternal citizenship, because of the forgiveness of my sins, may I be found worthy of you!  May I be compelled and motivated by the goodness of YOU and may I overflow these things.  May I be intentional, purposeful and diligent in being a watchman for Senatobia.  

Phonics song!

Today, we found this on the internet!  Youtube has turned out to be a great educational resource.  :)
Will is not the happiest about doing school work.  As a matter of fact he is pretty huffy and grumpy about it most of the time.  That's ok though.  I'm not too concerned about letting his mood dictate our school day!  He's not the boss of me!!


Pray for Ethiopia

Today the kids learned about Ethiopia and of course I decided to let them make a craft to help them remember what they learned.

They each have things on their paper that they want to pray for concerning Ethiopia.  Even Ana contributed and enjoyed the activity!  

The continent of Africa is their footprint -- Romans 10:15.  The color of the three papers is the color of the Ethiopian flag.  Those are coffee beans (don't tell Jay) glued on their map in the place of Ethiopia because coffee is the main export in Ethiopia.  

Yay for being able to homeschool my children and teaching them to have a love for the nations!


Yep, it's Monday

What a day!  I started this morning at 8:30 (one of the luxuries of home schooling my kids.)  We ate breakfast, I had my coffee, we got dressed, then we went upstairs to the school room.  Now, I'm not quite sure yet what to do with a 2 year old while I'm teaching a 5 year old and an 11 year old, but I gave it my best effort..  She tore down the school room, played in the toilet, took apart and put together every puzzle she has all while screaming in frustration because of ALL the pieces EVERYWHERE!!  I finally decided that what she needed was to participate.  SO...  she did!  Why didn't I think of that sooner??  She mocked everything big brother said!  Today we worked on rhyming words, made up silly rhymes, read and discussed a couple of books, watched a book that was read by the author on youtube, played an interactive word game on the computer (http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/construct/), and worked on some sight words!  All of that before lunch... actually, by 11...  whew!!  No wonder I need a nap!  :)
I'm still working on getting the hang of schooling 3 COMPLETELY different ages...  (preschool, elementary school and middle school) But I'm so thankful for the opportunity to do it!  Right now, I help Chloe with her school work while Ana takes a nap.  She is great at doing her work alone, but she just needs some motivation and a little explanation with some things.
By the way, I also did laundry, got 3 bags of my clothes together to take to Goodwill, cooked dinner, and cleaned house (although it doesn't look like it now!)  I need a vacation!!  Or maybe just a hot bath...


...at it again...

So, Jay and I have been praying through adopting again.  This time, internationally.  This time, Ethiopia.  July 11th, we drove to Columbus, MS to attend an information meeting at the Bethany office.  We received tons of information and as of 11pm tonight, we completed the formal application and sent it in!  I have no idea how long this process will take, but we are sure of this, it will not happen one day sooner than the Lord has already ordained!

Stay tuned...


Birthday Week

I am a firm believer in celebrating one's day of birth, but for some reason, I just do not feel that a day is enough for a mother to enjoy.  I have instituted the Birthday Week.  This year, my week began on Sunday, August 7th and will end on Saturday, August 13th.  My actual birthday is August 12th.  I have had many people ask how to implement the birthday week, so I decided to put the rules in "writing".

Rule #1:  You must feel the NEED for an entire week.  If you do not feel the need for a week to be set aside honoring your birth, your birthday week will not be celebrated, enjoyed or recognized.

Rule #2:  You should begin telling your family 2 weeks prior to your birthday week that your week is approaching.

Rule #3:  On your birthday week, you do not have to cook, clean up after dinner, or do anything that you do not want to do.  The way to avoid said tasks is to say the phrase, "I'm sorry.  It's my birthday week", in a sweet Birthday Girl voice.

Rule # 4:  Children do NOT get a birthday week.  They are indeed very special, and I completely believe that they are a blessing from the LORD.  However, they have 51 weeks devoted to the day of their birth.

Rule #5:  Gifts are not a necessary part of the celebration of birthday week, only special treatment that is not implemented the other 51 weeks of the year.

Rule #6:  If for any reason, you feel that one day in your birthday week was not properly acknowledged, you may add to the end of your week.  For example:  Monday, August 8th did not receive proper treatment, so my birthday week will now end on Sunday, August 14th instead of Saturday the 13th.
This is not limited to one improperly acknowledged day, but limited only to your discretion as the Birthday Week Girl.

Rule # 7:  Your husband only receives a birthday week also if, and only if, he does not have 51 weeks devoted to the day of his birth as previously described in Rule #4.

Rule #8:  Enjoy your week!  You're the Birthday Girl!!


Zim lesson #1

This is a journal entry from Monday, May 30...

I am on a BIG plane somewhere over the waters between the USA and Africa.  As I look out the window, I notice we are flying away from the sun & into darkness.  I know this may be a cheesy analogy, but in life, the farther we are from Jesus, the Son, the closer we are to darkness.  This is why we are warned all throughout Scripture to be vigilant, to watch, to follow His precepts. The closer we walk with Jesus, the less likely we are to be lured and enticed by our own evil desires.  In Him, there is NO darkness.  May I be always found walking in the Light, pursuing holiness and following His precepts!

Also, from my bible reading that day...

Proverbs 11:21  Be assured, an evil person will not go unpunished, but the offspring of the righteous will be delivered.
Lord, may my offspring, all 10 of them, be delivered..  May they find hope in ONLY You!!

I love it when God uses Scripture to encourage me.  :)



Ok, so I know I said I would post when I got home.  I've been home for a week and a half now and I think I am finally getting back to normal.  Jet lag got me!  Jay always makes it look so easy...  He comes home, takes about one day to rest and then he jumps back into regularly scheduled life.  He's a beast, I'm a sissy..  I admit it.  :)

Anyway, Zimbabwe was wonderful!  My favorite thing was getting to actually be a part of it on the ground there instead of being part of it from home.  For five years, I have been able to help girls develop their purity testimonies.  I have been a part of meetings.  I have helped with organizing and other preparations for Jay.  I have helped Jay to pack his bags. I have discipled many girls that have gone on the trip and have heard their stories of how God used them while they were there.  I have prayed before, during and after each trip for the people that are being ministered to, the ACTS team, the translators, the missionaries, Gregg and Donna Fort, and for the team.  For five years, I have been as much a part of the ministry in Zimbabwe as I could be from Mississippi.  This year, I finally got to see it with my own eyes, smell it with my own nose, hear it with my own ears, and speak with my own mouth...  And I am so blessed for having been.  I don't know how I will ever ever communicate what I learned and experienced, but I will try...  Over the coming weeks, I will be posting things I learned while in Zim.  I'm praying that if anyone actually reads this, they will be blessed and challenged to participate in missions as a lifestyle, not only as a trip.



In the morning, I will be leaving to go to Zimbabwe for the first time!  Jay has led 5 trips for the past 5 years, but this year, I am finally able to go!  My mom and dad will have the kids, so I don't have to worry about the kids, but my parents may not know what they have gotten themselves into...

I am so excited to finally be able to go to Zim!  I am going with a burden for the people in the village where we will be ministering.  I am going with an expectant spirit..  Expecting to hear from the Lord and expecting to be used by him.  I am going with a hope that MANY will come to salvation and that our team will witness a harvest.

Please join me in praying!  Pray for our team to stay healthy and to be united.  Pray for all of our luggage to make it.  Pray for my children and for my parents while Jay and I will be literally on the other side of the world.  Pray for this village to be turned upside down for the glory of the Lord!!

I'll talk to y'all when I get back!!



It's been a while since my last post.  I have noticed that I tend to take a break from blogging after I have posted something that is as personal as the previous post.  Maybe it's because of the emotional toll, maybe it's because I have to reflect on it for a while..  Whatever the case, I'm back, for now, with an update.  Our family has changed once again.  We have seen our 7th foster child go back home this week, and it doesn't get any easier.  I don't know how to parent a child without loving them as my own, so I can't let them go without tears and anxiety every time.  I am reminded, though, of several things.

  • God loves those children more than I do.
  • Even my 3 children are not my own. 
  • God is sovereign and He has a redemptive plan.
  • His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8).
  • Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I will continue to pray for my children that have moved out.  I pray for their salvation, first.  I pray that the Lord would place someone in their lives that can guide them and direct them to make wise choices.  I pray for their parents and their siblings...  And the list goes on and on.

As you can see, fostering is something that comes with a price.  It costs my family emotionally and physically, but it reaps great rewards!  We are not called to a life of comfort and contentment with worldly things in this life, but we are called to make much of Christ.  Fostering is not the only way to make much of Him, but it is one way.  How are you glorifying Him?  Do you even know Him?  Not "know" in the intellectual sense, but "know" in the spiritual sense...

One last thing.  If you are reading this and you think, "I don't know how they do it..."  Here is the answer:  God's grace is sufficient.  We are encouraged by His Word and we are sustained by His grace.  Also, we have some pretty great friends that intercede on our behalf.  


This post is more for me to look back at on another hard day...

I still have days when I grieve the loss of Kira, much like a death.  She was taken suddenly, only an hour and a half's notice.  She cried and pleaded as they took her away, and I'm sure I will never get over those scenes in my heart and mind.  Yesterday was one of those days that I carried the burden heavily.  But, praise the Lord, yesterday was also one of those days that God used His Word to bring comfort to me.  Jay has been preaching through Luke on Wednesday nights.  Last night he was in Luke 6 verses 20-26, the beatitudes.  Verse 22 says blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.  I have been hurt so badly by my circumstances that I forgot the true character of God.  He didn't promise a life here without pain, but he promises laughter in the future, in eternity.  

Psalm 126:5-6  Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!  He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

What a blessing!!  No doubt as a parent, I sow in tears...  I long for my children (all 10 of them) to hunger and thirst for righteousness.  I long for them to come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  I have definitely weeped, boy have I ever...  And now I am awaiting the "shouts of joy".  

Galatians 6:9 says "And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

Then...  today...  a friend posted on facebook a portion of her devotion from this morning.  It said this:  "Sometimes when our dreams of motherhood are shattered, we have to let them die and allow God to birth other dreams in our lives.  He is saying to us, 'When you are letting go, remember that I am planting seeds of new life in you.  Your grief is only for a season.  My end is not death.  It is always life.  I am the author of life."  
She then emailed the rest of the devotion to me and I want to share one more portion of it...
God has created women with a desire to nurture, but I think it goes much deeper than just having children. Most long to invest their lives in something that matters. Most of the time, that something is other people. The Bible calls that being fruitful. Jesus said, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit,” (John 15:5). He also tells us that the true sign of a Christian is that he or she will bear fruit (John 15:8).
I'm very thankful today for the goodness of the Lord to me, even when I don't deserve it.  I am thankful that God created women to be weepy and emotional and nurturing and I pray that I will use those aspects to bring glory to my God.  I am thankful that God is the Author of Life.  I am thankful that even on the hard days, God's character doesn't change and his plan can't be shaken.  I'm thankful that we have God's word and that it is sufficient, alive, and powerful.  I'm thankful for weeping and sorrow, because without it, I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate laughter and joy.  I'm thankful for God's timing in all things, because without it, my life would be a train wreck!  


That explains a lot...

I've been thinking lately.  Well, reflecting and thinking.  Reflecting on Adkins life and remembering all 10 of the children that have either been born, adopted or fostered into our home.  Thinking about how different each of them are.  Wondering how the 6 that aren't with us anymore are doing now.  Praying.  Thinking about how difficult it is to be a middle parent to a hurting child...  Counting the blessings of being able to nurture and love 10 kids, for whatever length of time the Lord ordains for us to have them.  And you know what, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!!

So, in all actuality, I am a mother to 10 children, not 3...  Maybe that explains the burden I carry!   Maybe that also explains the joy.  :)

Psalm 127:3  Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord...


"Would you pray for me?"

Nothing blesses my heart more than to hear my children either pray or ask for prayer from me or Jay. In the last few weeks, I have seen this sweet little boy we have taken in conform to our ways. Sometimes that's not such a good thing, but today I was especially blessed by it. At naptime, I was covering him up and as I leaned over to give him a little kiss, he said, "Would you pray for me?" I prayed for the Lord to use this time with us to draw this little one to Himself. When I finished praying, he said "Now I'll pray." As he prayed, I heard him model his words after Will...
 "Thank you for all you do"... "Thank you for my brothers and sisters"... "Thank you for my Nana and Papa"... "Thank you for my Mom and Dad"... "Amen".

I don't know how long we will have him, and it grieves my heart to even think about that, but I do know that what we expose him to for the time he is with us is crucial.  I want to be found faithful as a mother for exposing all of my children to Truth.  


I'm not a basket case, I'm a foster parent.

I remember specifically saying not too long ago, "We are not going to foster anymore for a while.  I just need to rest."  Well, I guess I'm rested.  Last night, we welcomed in another sweet child with another sad story.  And I was reminded again today about the emotional roller coaster that is fostering.  Today, I once again experienced the burden and relief, peace and unrest, happiness and sadness that is all too familiar.  Children do not enter the system accidentally or because of minor circumstances.  This child is no different.  And this time is no different.  On one hand, there is a somberness because of what he has been through, but there is also a tremendous amount of relief because I know that he will be safe and loved and secure while he is with us.  So, if I seem preoccupied or distant, it's not because of any other reason than the burden I carry for a child that I love -- already.


Marriage talk ... with Chloe

Today, Chloe, Ana and I had errands to run in Southaven and Memphis.  We were riding down Airways near Goodman when Chloe asked one of her famous questions.  Before I tell you the question she asked, let's recall some of the questions she has asked in the past.

3 years old:  "What is Noah's wife's name?"  (I still don't have a clue how we answered that one.)
5 years old:  "Is the Easter bunny real?  Because I don't think bunnies lay eggs."  (Santa was the very next question... )

So...  Today, her question was yet another one that caused me to think before I could just answer.  She seems to ask questions that you can not answer mindlessly.  (You also need to know that today her question was also asked while I was arguing with the GPS because it led me to an empty field for the address I entered, but that's another topic altogether!)  Today the question was, "If Jesus never got married, why is it ok for us to get married?"  So, I sat there silent and puzzled, wondering what in the world goes on inside that pretty little head of hers?  How long had she been thinking about it before she asked the question?  And, Lord, HOW do I answer that without steering her wrong?  I knew I needed to think for a minute and pray..  She sat staring at me and waiting for the answer and I just said "Hold on a minute", as if I was searching for the answer on my mental Google search bar.  As I was thinking about what to say, the Lord gave me the words as if she was having a conversation with Him and not with me...   Isaiah 54 says that your Maker is your husband.  He is the bridegroom and his bride is the church.  He gave the biblical example for what a marriage is supposed to look like by offering up His life for His bride.  He laid down His life for his bride, and we are to model marriage after Christ's example.   Those words cut me to the core.  How convicting!  I'm so thankful for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life and even when I don't feel worthy or righteous, he works in and through me anyway and convicts me for the purpose of making me more like Jesus.

By the way, she's only 10..  I have to remind myself of that so many times!


Abundant Life

John 10:10 (ESV)  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Abundant Life is the orphan/adoption ministry at Lifepoint Church.  Abundant Life exists to glorify God by equipping local churches to fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for the fatherless through adoption, foster care & orphan care and to advocate for the sanctity of human life.
John 14:18 (ESV)  I will not leave you as orphans;I will come to you.

There are so many ways to be involved in orphan care and adoption in our very own community.  One way is to become a resource (foster) family in your county.  A resource family is one that is willing to provide a loving and stable environment for a child in need of such for a period of time while the child's family undergoes a time of addressing issues and healing.  During the time that the child is living in your home, you have the opportunity and privilege to minister to not only the child (or children) but you may also minister to the child's family.  It is an opportunity to be a model and resource for the child's family and to build a relationship that will benefit that family for a lifetime.  

Another way to be involved is by physically adopting a child.  You can adopt domestically, internationally, privately, through the foster system, and I'm sure there are multiple other ways.  One thing is for certain, there is an orphan crisis in the world.  One of the saddest titles a child can have, in my opinion, is that of "waiting child".  Currently there are approximately 147 million waiting children worldwide that are without the love and stability of a forever family.  Maybe you could be a forever family for one of these.  Possibly you have been burdened to adopt and give a child a chance to experience the love of Jesus.  It is an overwhelming process, but one that is not impossible!  Abundant Life is made up of families that have been through this process as well as families that are burdened to just do something. Our team would love to help you through the steps and be supportive of your journey!  

A third way to be involved is by going on a short term mission trip to an orphanage.  Currently our church partners with The Good Shepherd Children's Home in Honduras.  Two times a year, Lifepoint Church, led by Kevin Freeland, takes a trip to visit the home and live with the children for a week.  You have a week to be the physical representation of Jesus Christ to the fatherless.  You may also sponsor one of the children each month for just $35.  You will help to supply the food, shelter, clothing, education, medical and dental care they need.  What a blessing to be able to meet a child's physical needs and to be able to go for a week to meet and love the child that you have committed to caring for financially.  

Those are the three most physically and emotionally taxing ways to be involved in the orphan crisis.  Not everyone is called to participate in each of those ways, but that does not excuse you from acting.  Abundant Life invites each member of Lifepoint Church to prayerfully consider a way to become an advocate for the fatherless and an active participant in the fight for orphans.  Maybe you do not feel led to adopt, but you would like to financially support a family as they go through the process.  Or maybe you would like to donate money so that someone could go to Honduras for a week to the children's home. Perhaps you would like to coordinate a baby shower for the babies that come into custody of DHS.  You may want to become a prayer intercessor for children that are fatherless, orphaned and waiting and an advocate for their well being.  There are opportunities to buy school supplies for children in the system, provide Christmas for them, and also to help provide gifts for their birthday.  You may not want to commit to fostering long term, but perhaps your family could go through the process for the purpose of being a respite care provider.  That is a family that can provide temporary care for a child so that the resource family can have a break to renew and be refreshed. 

The opportunities are endless, but so are the excuses.  Please do not fall victim to excuse making which yields no results, but be an active participant in the fight for orphans and seizing opportunities as you pray and seek.  We were not called to a life of luxury and comfort here on earth.  We are called to "go and make disciples".  I am so challenged by the fact that the Son of Man had no place to lay his head.  He is our example, may we be found faithful.  May we be a people known for missional living within our community and to the ends of the earth.  

Adoption from Craig King on Vimeo.


Potty time?

Last Sunday, Ana came in my bathroom while I was getting ready for church and said "Mommy, pee pee, potty".  I clarified, "Do you need to pee pee in the potty?"  She promptly responded "ma'am ma'am".  (Translation:  yes ma'am).  First of all, I LOVE it that she calls me "Mommy".  Chloe and Will call me "Mom" and always have...  There is just something so sweet about the name "Mommy".  Anyway, let me tell you for the record that we were not potty training last Sunday morning when she interrupted my routine.  This was very spontaneous and ALL her idea, which is just the way she likes things.  So, I took her diaper off, sat her on the potty, and what-do-ya know...  she pee pee-ed in the potty! And has continued to do so ALL WEEK LONG!  Today, we ventured out for a girls only day and not wanting to be quite so adventurous, I put a diaper on her instead of her so cute little panties.  After several hours of being out running errands and capturing some sweet faces with my camera, we came back home and guess what...  She was still dry!  So, I guess she has totally potty trained me!  :)  As far as pee pee-ing anyway.  Such a big girl!!



"I HAVE A DREAM.....that little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers." Martin Luther King, Jr August 28th, 1963 Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

"I HAVE A DREAM that my children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. "

America has not met its obligations and its responsibilities 
to the poor. 

One day we will have to stand before the God of history and we will talk in terms of things we’ve done. Yes, we will be able to say we built gargantuan bridges to span the seas, we built gigantic buildings to kiss the skies. Yes, we made our submarines to penetrate oceanic depths. We brought into being many other things with our scientific and technological power. It seems that I can hear the God of history saying, "That was not enough! But I was hungry, and ye fed me not. I was naked, and ye clothed me not. I was devoid of a decent sanitary house to live in, and ye provided no shelter for me. And consequently, you cannot enter the kingdom of greatness. If ye do it unto the least of these, my brethren, ye do it unto me." That’s the question facing America today."


What a day..

My family had a good morning getting ready for church today, which is unusual to say the least.  Jay preached today, so he wasn't able to come home to help keep everyone from revolting.  I had to resort to "you can't play in the snow tomorrow if you don't obey".  But, regardless, they cooperated.  We got all dressed, teeth brushed, Ana's diaper bag packed, doors locked, kids in the car, and still had 20 minutes left to spare!  Not bad, right?  Then, I cranked the car, only to hear "click-click-click-click-click".  Yep, wouldn't start.  And Jay's Explorer wouldn't start at 5:30 this morning either, so guess what he did...  He jumped his off using my van which must have drained the battery.  So, I unloaded the kids from the freezing cold van and I called 4 different friends, none of which answered...  I took 4 advil, fixed one more cup of coffee, and texted John Stuart.  He immediately came to pick us up.  He's our hero for the morning!   So, the unexpected expense for the month:  not one, but TWO car batteries...  And man, are those things expensive since last time we had to buy one!   

So, now we are settled in for the night and we are waiting to see what this Winter Storm Warning will produce.  Maybe we will get a homeschool snow day tomorrow.  :)


This was the email I received this week in reference to my 5 year old.  If you know Will, this is hilarious!

Hello, Jennifer!
Your live wire
If it seems like your child has more energy and stamina than ever — well, he does. Encourage your child to run and burn off some of this boundless energy every day. But remember that he still lacks the judgment of an adult. His enthusiastic ways can lead him into some daredevil situations as he overestimates his abilities or the safety of a situation.
Read more about your 5-year-old »

Describes Will all the way!!!  He is an ex-ninja, banned from any type of flips that "catch air", and I have had to tell him recently that it is NOT ok to move the trampoline close to the house so he can jump off the roof - over the safety net - and onto the trampoline...  And I'm pretty sure that until I get an email from baby center that doesn't use the words "lacks the judgement", "daredevil", and "overestimates his abilities", then he will probably not get his driver's license!  He keeps us on our toes!!


Rant #2

I warned you in the last rant, so here goes nothin..

I'm not sure why people think they have the right to judge my family, my motives, my heart, or especially my baby just because of the color of her skin.  I happen to have 2 blonde haired and blue eyed very white kids and one beautiful brown skinned, black haired, black eyed baby...  And I'm more than ok with that!  That's the way God intended it.  He knew the days ordained for her even before one of them came to be says Psalm 139:16. God orchestrated this adoption and called us to it long before we ever knew what was happening.  But, we live in the south.  We live in a place where ignorance in the form of racism and bigotry exists.  We live in a place where people think that they have a right to express verbally their ignorance and I'm sure it will not stop just because I have posted this rant.   We live in a place that is full of tradition and "deep roots".  We live in a place where people say "The south will rise again" and they do not even fully grasp the magnitude of what they are saying!!  Jay and I did not adopt Ana to change the minds of everyone we come in contact with though.  We adopted Ana because God called us to it and we wanted to be obedient to what He has in store for our family.  We adopted her because He placed a deep love in us for this child that is identical to the love we have for our 2 birth children.  We adopted her because she was made for our family and she is just as much an Adkins as anyone else that lives here...  No, we didn't do it to change anyone's mind, and if nothing ever changes because of it, it was all worth it.  If people still feel the right or need to share their disapproving words, that's fine because in the end, I don't answer to the racist ignorance of the southern people.  I am only accountable to my Heavenly Father and that is enough. But in a perfect world (ha ha) a person would not be judged by the color of their skin, there would be no racism, no preconceived notions..  I will choose to judge based on a person's character, and I will pray that my grand children will only hear about racism in history books.

What's cookin'

Chloe and I get very adventurous on Wednesdays in the kitchen.  Today, we created a new recipe that we are calling Spinach and Mushroom dip.

We started by cooking the sliced mushrooms and spinach in Smart balance butter in a large skillet.

We added salt and pepper.

Next we cubed a block of cream cheese.

 Added about 2 T of mayo...
 And 8 oz. of sour cream..
We also added about a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and melted it in with the mixture.  
MMM... Good!  The only thing that would make it better would be a can of cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken...  I'll try that next time!

Rant for the day

Forgive me while I go on a rant for a minute...  I have been searching for stories and blogs and organizations on the internet for quite some time about adoption.  (surprise, surprise..)  Now, let me preface by saying that I am not an animal hater!  I even went into quite the depression when Jasmine died, then again when Mayer died -- Just read the blog posts about it!  With that being said, I do not think that when you google about transracial adoption, that you should be directed to links about "adopting" pets.  Given that our family has very recently been through the adoption process with Ana, and given that we have also taken in our share of animals, I am quite confident in saying that the process was NOT EVEN SIMILAR!!!  The use of the word "adoption" when it comes to animals should be OUTLAWED!!!  It only cheapens the word and it decreases the significance of what our Heavenly Father did for us through Jesus Christ on the cross and before the foundations of the world!  If my dog, Major, outlives my family, he not the same as "a natural child" as it states in our adoption decree.  He does not have all the same rights to the inheritance as Chloe, Will and Ana have.  He is a DOG!!  AAAHHHH!!!  

Ok, I feel better..  I have more rants that I will TRY to wait a little while to post.  The next one will be on racism and how it has affected my family, so be warned!  A lot of emotion and protective mother instincts goes into that subject.  


New Book

I am reading a new book right now called Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living through the Rediscovery of Abba Father. It is written by Dan Cruver, John Piper, Scotty Smith, Richard D. Phillips and Jason Kovaks. Now, I am only on chapter 6 (out of 8), but it is SO GOOD! I highly recommend this book not only for the Christian that is considering "human adoption", but also for the believer that desires to have a better understanding of what God has done for us through Christ in "vertical adoption". If you are a born again believer, you are adopted into the kingdom and as a child of the Father, you need to understand what this means for you.

It is available on Kindle for $5.99.
Check out the link --> Reclaiming Adoption...


Gone huntin

It's just us girls here enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home while the boys have gone to hunt and hopefully gather! We had a great morning of worship today and now I am watching Chloe play NCAA football on the wii while Ana takes a nap.

On a totally different note... Today, Kira has been heavy on my heart. It has been 10 1/2 months since she was taken from us and the pain is really just as fresh as the day it happened. I guess I will never "get over" Kira. How could I? She was mine for 18 months. She was not like the 5 other children that came and left.. She was just different. I loved her like my very own... We all did. Some things I am reminded of today though: The Lord loves her WAY more than I ever could. The Lord still has a plan. (And He doesn't need my help) And His grace is STILL sufficient for me!

The system is flawed, but my God is not! Fostering is a messy business, but how else would these children know the love and stability provided by their heavenly father? He calls us to make disciples... May I be found faithful.


I pierced Ana's ears!

Someone got her ears pierced!

And she loves them!

And yep, I pierced them! My mom got a piercing kit from WalMart, we picked out the earrings, and when she woke up from her nap, I pierced her right up. She cried for just a second and when she got herself pulled together, she said "I yike my e-wings!"


Today I am hoping to begin a new year of blogging! Notice I didn't label it a resolution.. I have been terrible at updating my blog, so this year I will begin updating with stories of Adkins life for anyone that actually reads this. I am also hoping to take more pictures this year. I got an awesome new camera for Christmas from my sweet parents and I intend to use it for capturing little moments with our family. Here are a couple more pics from December...

End of 2010

In just a few minutes, we will enter 2011 and I can't help but think about all that this year has held for our family. We have had 4 children that left our home and one that came on April 7th that will never leave! Well, not until she grows up anyway. And on December 22, she became an official Adkins. Ana Noelle Adkins to be exact. I have much more to share about her adoption in the future, but for now, I want to reflect on this last month... We went to Zoo Lights, had a big adoption day, Christmas with the family, then to Nashville for more family. Enjoy some photos from our last month...