Gone huntin

It's just us girls here enjoying a Sunday afternoon at home while the boys have gone to hunt and hopefully gather! We had a great morning of worship today and now I am watching Chloe play NCAA football on the wii while Ana takes a nap.

On a totally different note... Today, Kira has been heavy on my heart. It has been 10 1/2 months since she was taken from us and the pain is really just as fresh as the day it happened. I guess I will never "get over" Kira. How could I? She was mine for 18 months. She was not like the 5 other children that came and left.. She was just different. I loved her like my very own... We all did. Some things I am reminded of today though: The Lord loves her WAY more than I ever could. The Lord still has a plan. (And He doesn't need my help) And His grace is STILL sufficient for me!

The system is flawed, but my God is not! Fostering is a messy business, but how else would these children know the love and stability provided by their heavenly father? He calls us to make disciples... May I be found faithful.

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