Potty time?

Last Sunday, Ana came in my bathroom while I was getting ready for church and said "Mommy, pee pee, potty".  I clarified, "Do you need to pee pee in the potty?"  She promptly responded "ma'am ma'am".  (Translation:  yes ma'am).  First of all, I LOVE it that she calls me "Mommy".  Chloe and Will call me "Mom" and always have...  There is just something so sweet about the name "Mommy".  Anyway, let me tell you for the record that we were not potty training last Sunday morning when she interrupted my routine.  This was very spontaneous and ALL her idea, which is just the way she likes things.  So, I took her diaper off, sat her on the potty, and what-do-ya know...  she pee pee-ed in the potty! And has continued to do so ALL WEEK LONG!  Today, we ventured out for a girls only day and not wanting to be quite so adventurous, I put a diaper on her instead of her so cute little panties.  After several hours of being out running errands and capturing some sweet faces with my camera, we came back home and guess what...  She was still dry!  So, I guess she has totally potty trained me!  :)  As far as pee pee-ing anyway.  Such a big girl!!

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