Rant for the day

Forgive me while I go on a rant for a minute...  I have been searching for stories and blogs and organizations on the internet for quite some time about adoption.  (surprise, surprise..)  Now, let me preface by saying that I am not an animal hater!  I even went into quite the depression when Jasmine died, then again when Mayer died -- Just read the blog posts about it!  With that being said, I do not think that when you google about transracial adoption, that you should be directed to links about "adopting" pets.  Given that our family has very recently been through the adoption process with Ana, and given that we have also taken in our share of animals, I am quite confident in saying that the process was NOT EVEN SIMILAR!!!  The use of the word "adoption" when it comes to animals should be OUTLAWED!!!  It only cheapens the word and it decreases the significance of what our Heavenly Father did for us through Jesus Christ on the cross and before the foundations of the world!  If my dog, Major, outlives my family, he not the same as "a natural child" as it states in our adoption decree.  He does not have all the same rights to the inheritance as Chloe, Will and Ana have.  He is a DOG!!  AAAHHHH!!!  

Ok, I feel better..  I have more rants that I will TRY to wait a little while to post.  The next one will be on racism and how it has affected my family, so be warned!  A lot of emotion and protective mother instincts goes into that subject.  


  1. Amen Sister Bring it tell it like it is You Rock :)

  2. Kinda looking foward to the next set of rants...I may have to steal some words of wisdom on the Racial subjuct. I have some family members, sad to say that need to wake up!!!