This was the email I received this week in reference to my 5 year old.  If you know Will, this is hilarious!

Hello, Jennifer!
Your live wire
If it seems like your child has more energy and stamina than ever — well, he does. Encourage your child to run and burn off some of this boundless energy every day. But remember that he still lacks the judgment of an adult. His enthusiastic ways can lead him into some daredevil situations as he overestimates his abilities or the safety of a situation.
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Describes Will all the way!!!  He is an ex-ninja, banned from any type of flips that "catch air", and I have had to tell him recently that it is NOT ok to move the trampoline close to the house so he can jump off the roof - over the safety net - and onto the trampoline...  And I'm pretty sure that until I get an email from baby center that doesn't use the words "lacks the judgement", "daredevil", and "overestimates his abilities", then he will probably not get his driver's license!  He keeps us on our toes!!

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