What a day..

My family had a good morning getting ready for church today, which is unusual to say the least.  Jay preached today, so he wasn't able to come home to help keep everyone from revolting.  I had to resort to "you can't play in the snow tomorrow if you don't obey".  But, regardless, they cooperated.  We got all dressed, teeth brushed, Ana's diaper bag packed, doors locked, kids in the car, and still had 20 minutes left to spare!  Not bad, right?  Then, I cranked the car, only to hear "click-click-click-click-click".  Yep, wouldn't start.  And Jay's Explorer wouldn't start at 5:30 this morning either, so guess what he did...  He jumped his off using my van which must have drained the battery.  So, I unloaded the kids from the freezing cold van and I called 4 different friends, none of which answered...  I took 4 advil, fixed one more cup of coffee, and texted John Stuart.  He immediately came to pick us up.  He's our hero for the morning!   So, the unexpected expense for the month:  not one, but TWO car batteries...  And man, are those things expensive since last time we had to buy one!   

So, now we are settled in for the night and we are waiting to see what this Winter Storm Warning will produce.  Maybe we will get a homeschool snow day tomorrow.  :)

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