I'm not a basket case, I'm a foster parent.

I remember specifically saying not too long ago, "We are not going to foster anymore for a while.  I just need to rest."  Well, I guess I'm rested.  Last night, we welcomed in another sweet child with another sad story.  And I was reminded again today about the emotional roller coaster that is fostering.  Today, I once again experienced the burden and relief, peace and unrest, happiness and sadness that is all too familiar.  Children do not enter the system accidentally or because of minor circumstances.  This child is no different.  And this time is no different.  On one hand, there is a somberness because of what he has been through, but there is also a tremendous amount of relief because I know that he will be safe and loved and secure while he is with us.  So, if I seem preoccupied or distant, it's not because of any other reason than the burden I carry for a child that I love -- already.

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  1. Hey Jennifer,

    I am Joy Ross's cousin. I found your blog from George's FB. I've been enjoying reading your blog. :)