Marriage talk ... with Chloe

Today, Chloe, Ana and I had errands to run in Southaven and Memphis.  We were riding down Airways near Goodman when Chloe asked one of her famous questions.  Before I tell you the question she asked, let's recall some of the questions she has asked in the past.

3 years old:  "What is Noah's wife's name?"  (I still don't have a clue how we answered that one.)
5 years old:  "Is the Easter bunny real?  Because I don't think bunnies lay eggs."  (Santa was the very next question... )

So...  Today, her question was yet another one that caused me to think before I could just answer.  She seems to ask questions that you can not answer mindlessly.  (You also need to know that today her question was also asked while I was arguing with the GPS because it led me to an empty field for the address I entered, but that's another topic altogether!)  Today the question was, "If Jesus never got married, why is it ok for us to get married?"  So, I sat there silent and puzzled, wondering what in the world goes on inside that pretty little head of hers?  How long had she been thinking about it before she asked the question?  And, Lord, HOW do I answer that without steering her wrong?  I knew I needed to think for a minute and pray..  She sat staring at me and waiting for the answer and I just said "Hold on a minute", as if I was searching for the answer on my mental Google search bar.  As I was thinking about what to say, the Lord gave me the words as if she was having a conversation with Him and not with me...   Isaiah 54 says that your Maker is your husband.  He is the bridegroom and his bride is the church.  He gave the biblical example for what a marriage is supposed to look like by offering up His life for His bride.  He laid down His life for his bride, and we are to model marriage after Christ's example.   Those words cut me to the core.  How convicting!  I'm so thankful for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in my life and even when I don't feel worthy or righteous, he works in and through me anyway and convicts me for the purpose of making me more like Jesus.

By the way, she's only 10..  I have to remind myself of that so many times!

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  1. She will be/is wise beyond her years! Good response for sure, Mrs. Jennifer. :)