Birthday Week

I am a firm believer in celebrating one's day of birth, but for some reason, I just do not feel that a day is enough for a mother to enjoy.  I have instituted the Birthday Week.  This year, my week began on Sunday, August 7th and will end on Saturday, August 13th.  My actual birthday is August 12th.  I have had many people ask how to implement the birthday week, so I decided to put the rules in "writing".

Rule #1:  You must feel the NEED for an entire week.  If you do not feel the need for a week to be set aside honoring your birth, your birthday week will not be celebrated, enjoyed or recognized.

Rule #2:  You should begin telling your family 2 weeks prior to your birthday week that your week is approaching.

Rule #3:  On your birthday week, you do not have to cook, clean up after dinner, or do anything that you do not want to do.  The way to avoid said tasks is to say the phrase, "I'm sorry.  It's my birthday week", in a sweet Birthday Girl voice.

Rule # 4:  Children do NOT get a birthday week.  They are indeed very special, and I completely believe that they are a blessing from the LORD.  However, they have 51 weeks devoted to the day of their birth.

Rule #5:  Gifts are not a necessary part of the celebration of birthday week, only special treatment that is not implemented the other 51 weeks of the year.

Rule #6:  If for any reason, you feel that one day in your birthday week was not properly acknowledged, you may add to the end of your week.  For example:  Monday, August 8th did not receive proper treatment, so my birthday week will now end on Sunday, August 14th instead of Saturday the 13th.
This is not limited to one improperly acknowledged day, but limited only to your discretion as the Birthday Week Girl.

Rule # 7:  Your husband only receives a birthday week also if, and only if, he does not have 51 weeks devoted to the day of his birth as previously described in Rule #4.

Rule #8:  Enjoy your week!  You're the Birthday Girl!!


  1. Thank you for posting the "rules"...LOL
    BTW if anybody doesn't think you are serious, they can ask me.....

  2. I LOVE this! I totally agree with the birthday week. When Clyde and I started dating, his mother always had a "birthday week". I told Clyde when we got married that I was going to get a birthday week! Mine starts Sunday! ;)

    Thanks for posting the rules! I will have to share.

  3. You're welcome!! Please share! I think everyone needs to know the rules.. :)

  4. Hi Jennifer! I'm a friend of Kat's and I'm so glad she shared this link with me today! My birthday was the 3rd, so she was letting me know the proper way to celebrate from here on out! : )

  5. My birthday week would be Dec18th (our anniversary) to Dec 25th. Yeah! I'm screwed!

  6. Penelope, in the event of a holiday, you may move your birthday week to accommodate. I would consider celebrating birthday week a few weeks sooner or a few weeks later. Also, refer to rule #1. =)