Racism is learned..

Tonight, Jay and I were Christmas shopping and naturally we were on a toy aisle.  TOTAL CHAOS fills the stores one week before Christmas and we were amidst it all.  This particular night, the chaos didn't bother me though.  I guess I've been conditioned by my children with all of the grocery shopping trips I've made with all three kids; or maybe the fact that I homeschool a 6th grader, a kindergarten boy, and preschool princess diva has been a key factor in viewing Christmas shopping on December the 18th a piece of cake.  I bet you're wondering by now why the title of this post is what it is..  :)  Well, here goes..  On one of those toy aisles was a group of three women walking aimlessly without a shopping cart and no merchandise in their hands.  One of the women said to the other two "My daughter is always asking for a black baby doll when we come to the store and I'm always like 'Really?  No, you're not playing with a black baby.'".   As the mom of one super adorable and precious brown diva, I was hurt.  Why would someone tell their child in the most formative years of their life that they can't play with a baby doll because it has different color skin than they do?  What is the harm in having baby dolls that don't look like your family??  Why can't white children have brown baby dolls?  Why can't brown children have white baby dolls?  My little diva has broadened my viewpoint of things.  She has taught me so many things that I never would have been able to learn otherwise.  I'm so thankful to have her, not only because of what she has taught me, but because she is such a joy!!  I'm praying tonight for that lady's little girl.  I'm praying that one day she will get to have a brown baby...  One just like mine!!! ;)


  1. I wish I knew who that little girl was. I'd send her baby dolls in every color of the rainbow! Such a shame.

  2. So sad! i agree with you. Lucy has a black baby that is her favorite and she calls him her brown baby John haha!