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This may not be news to some, but we are in the process of adopting again.  This time, it's a boy!!  We placed our international adoption process on hold about a year and a half ago and felt strongly that we should pursue another adoption through the foster system in Mississippi.  The beginning of this year, we began doing what needed to be done to be licensed again as resource parents.  In May, we were told of a specific little one that our workers thought would be a perfect fit for our family.  We completed our licensing process at the end of July and last week, we got to meet the new little guy for the first time.  When we walked in to the play place at McDonald's, we saw him playing.  Our eyes met and he flashed one of the biggest and sweetest smiles ever.  I immediately knew it was him, even without the formal introduction, I just knew.  We played with him and talked to his foster mom for about an hour and a half.  He is an absolutely adorable, fun, feisty, loving, determined little man that is FULL of attitude!  And we are in love...  All of us!  Even Ana.  (A few days after our meeting, she wanted to say the blessing before lunch and she prayed "Thank you for this food and thank you for my little brother.")
At our meeting, I gave him a photo album with pictures of our family so that he would be with us even when we aren't physically with him..  When he left the visit, he walked away with that album tucked under his little arm and gripped in his sweet hand.  It was a precious memory for me..  So, we are now in the transition process and over the next month, he will be staying with us for some overnight visits and some long weekend stays so he will have an easy move.  We are excitedly anticipating his move and we are so looking forward to getting to know and love him more.  Pray for him, for us, for his foster family he is with now, and for our social workers.  Pray for smooth transitions and for him to love us as much as we love him.      

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